Over the past years, I have had the pain and the privilege of going on a journey. It was one that has taken me from the familiar and comfortable and into the unknown. The origin of this journey was pain. Pain of my own making, the pain inflicted on me by others, pain from loss, pain from loneliness, and pain from the insecurity and uncertainty of leaving the life I had and pursuing the unknown ahead. This did not feel like the hero’s journey, nor the serendipitous journey that Joseph Campbell writes about, but it was and is a journey…

I began writing a story with the opening and closing scenes. This was my closing scene.

He was now done looking at the photo. There was nothing he could do about the past. Nothing that could be accomplished by staying here depressed. The house was empty and cold. He would leave soon. The new owners would be there in an hour or so. They would certainly throw the photo out. He remembered something. Walking to the back closet he opened the door and reached behind the middle shelf to the familiar niche. Sure enough, the humidor that he had the…

He was staring out the window of the room that they had moved him to. The small box of his possessions sat on a table by his chair. On the top was a book. Protruding from the pages was a bookmark where he must have stopped reading. Right hand reaching, he pulled out the bookmark and noted that it was a train ticket stub from a long-ago trip. A trip that had been taken when he was strong and free to the world.

Human memory is a magical thing. It recalls the past with an ability to maximize the good…

“Gossip is a hit-man, slander is a serial killer.” We live in a time when that which was once considered an ultimate evil is not only praised, but rewarded financially. Consider the exposé, the gossip column, the “reality” show. It is easy to forget that what we say, what we convince others of, the story we pass along, can kill. It not only kills reputations, but it also kills through false convictions in the courts, and suicides caused by despair. When the ancients tried to find a word to describe ultimate evil as they defined it, they named it Satan…

We are at a historic moment in time. The events that have led to the reckoning that is part of the slogan “Black lives matter” has been a long time coming. For centuries our fellow citizens of color have faced unbelievable battles to attain the basic rights of our founding that tell us in simple clear words that “all men are created equal.” This is not merely a matter of history, this is a matter of struggle and injustice that continues to this present day.


Being white is not the issue. No one is blaming you for the fact that white privilege exists. You didn’t create the system of racial injustice, it was here for centuries before you were born.

But supporting that system today is the issue. Denying it exists is the issue. Staying silent when others are suffering injustice is the issue.

It is time to quit defending ourself against the perception that we are being blamed for white privilege and systemic injustice and instead work so that there will be nothing to be blamed for.

It is not yesterday that we are being asked to take responsibility for, it is today.

Having spent much of my life in the world of conservative Christianity, I am going to try and explain what I have seen, both in the present and my youth. To try to explain what I see as a major problem for conservative Christians being able to hear criticism of the Trump message. I know this short note will get blowback. I know it will seem like an attack. …

The Fire This Time — Trump and Civil Disobedience

I was recently sent this article by a friend. I am appealing to my “conservative” friends to consider this. This is from The Nation, a paper that has been in continual print since the Civil War when in 1865 it replaced Horace Greeley’s abolitionist magazine The Liberator. It has a long and distinguished history as a progressive paper. And although it tends left, it has a great degree of integrity in its reporting. See media Bias Fact Check in comments.

This article is a discussion of the current situation and the…


Whenever I set out to write these kinds of articles, I think, “how can I, a white person, write about racism.” It has benefitted me, or at least not hurt me. I have not felt the backlash, the fear of being in the wrong place for my color, the fear of the police, or what neighborhoods I can go in, (or I have seldom had those concerns). Then I realize that I can, and must, write to white people, like in my last article.[i] It is important for white Americans to speak to other white Americans on this subject if…

October 28, 2012 at 11:50 PM

Just How Negative Is The 2012 Presidential Campaign?

Recent exchanges between President Barack OBAMA and Republican nominee Mitt ROMNEY have some major news outlets suggesting that between the debates and the SuperPAC campaign ads, negative campaigning and attack ads are hitting new extremes.

But Michigan State University history professor Malcolm Magee told MIRS this year’s campaign doesn’t hold a candle to the personal attacks — verbal and physical — that were used in the 1800 and 1860 presidential campaigns, among others.

MIRS recently spoke to Magee, a Ph.D. in international relations history and a…

Malcolm Magee

Some people think Malcolm may have done nearly everything in his life. It is not true, he is just interested in everything and knows how to tell a good story.

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